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Kivi Larmola (born 1966 in Helsinki, Finland) is a Finnish comics artist, illustrator, translator, freelance journalist and a musician. His subject matter often reflects on the absurdities of everyday life and he has a particular interest and affinity to the urban rock music scene as a lifestyle.

Kivi has been a professional comic artist since 1986, though his earliest work was published in the late 1970s. He received the most prestigious comics-related award, Puupäähattu, in 1991. He served on the board of the Finnish Comics Society from 1991–1992, and was the editor-in-chief of Sarjainfo (the Finnish equivalent of Comics Journal). His work has been exhibited both nationally in Finland and abroad.

Kivi has also played guitar in numerous rock bands, including Sekunda, Lunatunes, and Kätyrit. He has also written and published a guidebook for 'the touring musician' (Rokkibändin ABC : käytännön opas keikkailevalle muusikolle) in 2004.

"I see myself as a storyteller, conveying feelings and emotions and sculpting the everyday fantastic. So what does that mean?

Draughtsman's skills need constant practice and learning, but even those skills are secondary to the ability to see, understand and adapt what you've learned. The story is a tool for transmitting experience and emotion on a personal level. Politics is our everyday choices and actions, and even when our aims and values differ, we're very much alike in our wants and needs.


Storytelling is an art of timing, so that the reaction to the turns in the story hits the audience on the right moment. It's also leaving out just enough, so that the members of the audience can fill the story on personal level and become a part of it. It's also a play in dynamics, for there is no fast without slow, and no dark without light, it's all a matter of relation.

This is pretty universal, and as a storyteller I'm not tied to any one medium. The comics are a good medium with enormous amount of challenge and variety, but the music is just as good.

The fine arts are wonderful for they can be worked without considering the reproduction of which there is none, and literature allows so much space to the readers imagination that the written word is perhaps the most efficient form of message.

Those are the tools on which I work. But it all starts and ends with a story, and the story must contain a bit of me."


Sanna Larmola was born in 1975 in Oulu, northern Finland. She got interested in photography at the age of 12 and enrolled into an after school photography class.

After high school Sanna studied photography and film in several courses in different institutes and made lots of no-budget short films. Every time she moved city she'd find the local cultural centre and its video editing suite and photography dark room to keep developing her visions. She worked as a production assistant in TV and as a (trainee) photographer in a newspaper and went through countless odd jobs in customer service, sales, maintenance and logistics.

Some time later Sanna graduated as Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and worked as an Administrator and Web Designer in international companies.

In 2008 she decided to concentrate in creative work by being a full time filmmaker and photographer. She moved to North West UK to upgrade her knowledge on film theory and to shake hands with the digital age in filmmaking. As a result she graduated as Master of Arts (M.A.) in film production and co-founded a small production company Into Production LLP.

During her seven years in the UK she made her living by doing documentary films (f.e.x. to NHS), promotional films and photography for organizations, music videos for local Mancunian bands in addition to independent fiction films, obviously.

"I'm interested in the art of storytelling whether through film, book or photographic narrative. I travel a lot, work in different countries and it is important for me to document things I see and share what I saw with people. I always carry a small notebook with me to write down ideas and keep a camera ready (whenever it is possible).


I'm extremely fascinated with the everyday life of different cities and people. Blending in with the crowd and keeping your eyes open all times helps to capture life as it is. Having an open mind, constantly asking questions and just being present are most important working methods I value.

In my work I always aim for a good combination of perfection, creativity and originality and getting things done in a fast and efficient way. I work under pressure in tight schedules and budgets with great results. "



Fiction Films

Woe (Kadriorg Collective 2019)

Crossroads at Midnight (Tuotantoyhtiö Käenpesä 2019)

Haruan - The Snakehead (Sambalmee Productions Ltd 2014)

Love Uncut (HPGMedia 2014)

The Second Sunday (Into Productions LLP 2013)

The Rat Thief (Into Productions LLP 2011)

Escape (Into Productions LLP 2011)

Paper Dinosaurs (Into Productions LLP / University of Salford 2010)

The Helpdesk (BBC Manchester 2009)

Made to Order (University of Salford 2009)

Paranoia (University of Salford 2009)

Music and Poetry Videos

Hei hei hei - Pelle Miljoona Oy (Manitou OÜ)

Wyrm Sub Terra - Preacher's Folly (Manitou OÜ 2018)

AU – Ma olen tagasi, mu sõbrad! live (Manitou OÜ 2018)

Imbi Paju & Kivi Larmola – Mälupildid (Manitou OÜ 2017)

AU – Ilus edukas robot (Manitou OÜ 2017)

AU – Ma olen tagasi, mu sõbrad! (Manitou OÜ 2017)

AU – Salasuvi (Manitou OÜ 2017)

AU – Rotitand agulimajas (Manitou OÜ 2017)

AU – Mistä laivat näkevät unta? (Manitou OÜ 2017)

AU – Live at Kassisaba (Manitou OÜ 2016)

Ville Hytönen & Ari Taskinen - Helvetinjumalankone (Tuotantoyhtiö Käenpesä 2016)

This Morning Call – Sunburn (Ben Heyworth / Into Productions LLP 2011-2013)

This Morning Call – Silent Film (Ben Heyworth / Into Productions LLP 2011-2013)

This Morning Call – Circulating Systems (Ben Heyworth / Into Productions LLP 2011-2013)

This Morning Call – Generosity (Ben Heyworth / Into Productions LLP 2011-2013)

Blind Atlas - Take a While (Blind Atlas / Into Productions LLP 2010)

Blind Atlas - 4th Street (Blind Atlas / Into Productions LLP 2010)

Words and Noises - Forget Me Not (Into Productions LLP 2013-2014)

Words and Noises - Art of Breaking Hearts (Into Productions LLP 2013-2014)

Words and Noises - Lost Art of Conversation (Into Productions LLP 2013-2014)

Masa & Iilimarot live (Into Productions LLP 2012)

Beat Brothers Play The Beatles (Into Productions LLP 2012)


Sinel - the Making Of (Tuotantoyhtiö Käenpesä 2015)

Living With and Beyond Cancer (The Christie NHS Foundation Trust / Into Productions LLP 2013)

Maria Eveliina - Riding a Train of Thought (Soile Mottisenkangas 2013)

Blind Atlas: Iron Wall (Into Productions LLP 2011)


Helvetinjumalankone (Tuotantoyhtiö Käenpesä 2016)

Official Selection • Cork International Poetry Festival 2016

Haruan – The Snakehead (Sambalmee Productions Ltd 2014)

Finalist - Best Feature • BLOW-UP Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival 2015

Finalist - Best Experimental • BLOW-UP Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival 2015

Finalist - Best Production Design Sanna Larmola • BLOW-UP Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival 2015

Official Selection • Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival 2015

Official Selection • Lisbon International Film Festival 2015

Official Selection • Singapore World International Film Festival 2016

The Second Sunday (Into Productions 2013)

Official Selection • Helsingin lyhytelokuvafestivaalit 2013

Official Selection • Virgin Media Shorts UK, 2013

Maria Eveliina - Riding a Train of Thought (S. Mottisenkangas 2013)

Official Selection • Oulun kansainväliset lasten- ja nuortenelokuvafestivaalit, 2013

Official Selection • IHRFF International Human Rights Film Festival, 2014

The Rat Thief (Into Productions LLP 2011)

Official Selection • Secrect Gardens Festival / Kino Shorts 2012

Paper Dinosaurs (Into Productions LLP 2010)

Official Selection • Leith Short Film Festival, 2010

The Helpdesk (BBC 2009)

BBC ”Manchester Monologues” 2009

Made to Order (University of Salford 2009)

Finalist • NST Award 2009, Royal Television Society UK 2009

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